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Industrial Linkages


Proto21 is a Dubai-based 3D printing company formed in response to the burgeoning demand of the century’s requirements on 3D Printing services and consultation. Located in the industrial hub of Dubai, Proto21 aims to serve “Dubai 3D Printing Strategy”, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Proto 21 is providing printing services to a wide range of industries. Driven to become the largest 3D printing service bureau in the MENA region, Proto21 currently exports ‘Made in Dubai’ items to various countries across the globe.


The paramount objective of the institution revolves around the dissemination of knowledge therefore the institution since its inception has been striving hard to fulfill its obligations. IEEEP is purely non-commercial entity, only on subscriptions from its members and donations from the patriotic entrepreneurs dealing with the electrical and electronics goods. The fantastic speed with which technical advancements are taking place in various branches of engineering and science make it imperative, in fact inevitable for societies and institutions to be formed to deal with the study, practice and progress in the specialized subjects they cover. To achieve the objective IEEEP is making best efforts to spread engineering education and technology through its publications and events. Thus IEEEP is playing a commendable role in promoting engineering education and profession in the country.


EDVON is a US based company and has subsidiary in Pakistan. EDVON is the leading progression-based STEAM curriculum developer, to prepare the kids for 21st century Challenges.


Our aim is to revolutionize the education system. We are providing robotic kits to enhance the project based learning in students.

CIS – China Instrument and Control Society

Founded in 1979, the nonprofit organization China Instrument and Control Society (CIS) is the leading academic organization in measurement, instrumentation, control and automation in China.

With 42,000 individual members, 2100 group members, 41 technical divisions, 29 local sections, and 10 Specialized working Committees, CIS publishes six academic and technical journals on measurement,instrumentation and control, and has hosted MICONEX (International Conference and Fair for Mesurment, Instrumantation and Automation) annually since 1983, providing a forum for innovation as well as science & technology awards.

Located in Beijing, China’s capital, CIS is a bridge between Chinese governmental administrations, industries, scientists, engineers, researchers and manufacturers.

Mindstorm Engineering

Mindstorm Engineering provides smart industrial solutions to optimize industrial processes and industrial automation, robotics and STEM training academy to provide hands on skill based training in our state of the art lab. The company is led by Engr. Rana Mohammad Awais as a CEO. The Mindstorm Engineering, is focused on providing solutions to Industrial Problems and new ideas to improve processes and products by implementing Automation Techniques, Mindstorm Engineering with its “Industrial Automation Training Center” provide skill based and hands on experience on the Automation and Electrical Training’s for both Students and Professionals by providing interactive training sessions and Easy-Learning methods.

Algorithm Consulting (Pvt) Ltd

Algorithm Consulting began its operations in November 1999 with a staff of a single person, who luckily won the company’s first software contract to develop a “computerized system” for a leading woven apparel exporter of the country. Starting with zero capital, 11 years later, Algorithm Consulting has a staff of 100 full time employees, 3 successfully completed and 3 ongoing ERP implementations. Since January 2005, Algorithm is a private limited organization.The company is based in Karachi, Pakistan.