Wireless Controlled Track Recording Vehicle

Track Faults Tracker

Motor Condition Monitoring System

QoS Improvement in High Speed Railway Communications

Track Side Wheel Tread and Profile Monitoring

Onboard Adhesion Identification from Directly Measurable Parameters

FPGA Based Railway Wheelset Parameter Estimation Using Extended Kalman Filter

Squat Detector Stick (SDS)

Driver Attention Detector

Road Condition Monitoring Using Axle-Based Acceleration Method and K-Means Clustering Algorithm

Hand-Held Track Recording Vehicle

IoT Enabled Smart Crossings

Wireless Inertial Measurement Unit

Design and Development of a Fault Detection and Diagnoses System For Rail Gearbox Using Non-Invasive Testing

Design and Development of IoT Enabled Onboard Condition Monitoring System Of Railway Track

A Low Coast Virtual Inspection System for Rail Surface Faults Identification

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